1pc Plastic Anti-bird Spike Fence


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1、Wide Working Range: Unlike products with only 2 or 3 tips, our bird control tool has large and small spikes, which better cover the entire 360° range.
2、Durable Material: The bird scared device is made of ABS, which is strong and durable. Compared with other base, our bird scared devices are more durable and require no maintenance.
3、Anti-Rust and Stable: The durable bird scared device can withstand any weather, stay intact in blizzards and storms, and will not loosen or rust.
4、Practical Design: By mimicking the structure of thorn plants, the durable bird scared device can prevent birds from landing without harming animals.

5、Easy to Install: The tool can be installed in any area and are very suitable for wide window sills, roofs, gutters, balconies, closets, doorways or any areas contaminated by bird droppings to get rid of clutter.


Our anti-bird spikes can safely and effectively keep birds away from staying on roofs, corridors and building nests. It is an ideal barrier for squirrels, cats, thieves and other small animals. Keep birds and animals away from landing and destroying your property.

Specification: Length: 15.7inch each; total length 16inch