1pc Pet Silicone Lick Pad Slower Feeder


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1. Practical: When you use it, your puppy can enjoy a delicious snack and distract from discomfort when showering.

2. Happiness: It keeps your pet happy when it licks peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin puree and other natural products.

3. Safety: Slow feeding can reduce the risk of suffocation and overeating and help your dog stay healthy.

4. Raised edges: The surface of the puppy leak mat has raised edges that prevent the food from spreading to stay clean.

5. High quality: The dog corner mat is made of high-quality silicone without BPA, soft and practical, safe for pets.



This dog lick pad is environmentally friendly and durable, and can slow down the eating speed of pets. It is very suitable for pets to eat.



Size: 180*180*12mm

Material: food grade silicone

Color: red,yellow,blue,green(optional)

Suit for: pet


Package Included:

1 pc * Dog Lick Pad